Custom Shopping

Welcome to the House of Him’s Private Label, Luxury Footwear and Accessories Collection.

House of Him was designed with the guest’s comfort in mind, with particular attention paid to craftsmanship and quality of experience.  Our wide selection of custom-made shoes can be individually modified, giving you a truly, one-of-a-kind item.

The difference between made to order, custom items and store items (even designer), is that this is a one of a kind item. It is made specific to you and not in bulk. Each item you pick is hand woven and crafted for your perfect taste. It is the perfect gift and addition to a wardrobe that you want to last for years! Using our 3D shoe customization tool, you are able to browse our selection of footwear and accessories to mix and match features. If design isn’t your cup of tea, our Get Inspired platform can help you find something just right for you.

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